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Rohan All race Job Change Quest Guide

Rohan All race Job Change Quest Guide

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Elf [Priest]

Catalyst of Wisdom [Solo] - Level 50

Start NPC : Shailina Illia (Found in Vena town castle (E,9)
Reward : 6% EXP? And Priest job change.

Objective :
1) Shailina will tell you that you need to slay a monster called Marea's Elysain Bird to retrieve the Feather Key.

This bird is fairly easy to kill with decent equips and can be found near Goddess's Fountain in Via Marea (C,5), it's located just up a hill to the left most area.

Then with the Feather Key, open the box that is sitting near where the bird was to retrieve the Temple's Cornerstone.

2) Return back to Shailina (again). Congratulations, you should now have finished the quests and be a Priest! 

Job change quest guide: Elf [Templar]

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Elf [Templar]

Portal Stones needed
: Orc Fortress
: Dragon Eyes
: Foothill Limestone

Things to do:
1st: If you reach level 50, proceed to Vena, talk to Viviana Nadiv.

She wil ask you to go to Palasina. Use Dragon eyes portal to make it on time XD

2nd: After talking to Palasina, you need to go to Orc Fortress to talk to Riphalia. Just use Orc fortress TP

3rd: After talking to Riphalia in Orc Fortress, she will then ask you to consult Guliermo in Dragon Eyes? just use dragon eyes TP

4th: Return to Viviana Nadiv

5th: Consult to Larciss

6th: After consulting him, you need to get an item in a chest in Armana Manor. [Use the Gathering Hall TP]

7th: Return to Viviana Nadiv.She will then ask you to kill Ornella The Amazon King in Limestone Foothill in F1 Varvylon [use Limestone Foothil TP]

8th: After defeating the King, return to Viviana Nadiv, she will then ask you to go to the Goddess Fountain to gather some materials...

9th: Bring back the materials to Viviana Nadiv and she will give you a mace Mace Weapon. Use that mace to kill Kaildarr the Magic Armor located in the Chromite quarry underground

10th: After you kill the boss, return to Viviana Nadiv and celebrate!

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest I

1. At the village of Half Elves (Kainon) speak with Senecca, tell her that you wish to become a ranger. Your task is to kill the Orc Boss and 10 Orc Warriors.


2. Report back to Senecca after you accomplished killing them

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest II

3. Talk to Lachet (Kai’non Magic Weapon Merchant)


4. Go back to Senecca and get rohan quest part 3

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest III

5. You need to go to Felix’s record marbles. First record marble is located in Vena’s Crea workshop in Via Marea map


6. Felix’s second marble is located  near Juba’s Waterclock in Del Lagos map.


7. The third Felix’s record marble is located near Limestone foothil, Varvylon map


8. Felix’s fourth marble is near the Topaz Quarry, Geizan map.


9. After going to all these locations, report back to Senecca for the four part of the rohan ranger quest

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest IV

10. The Rohan Ranger Quest part IV requires you to acquire the Fragment of Ohn from the boss Lord of Flames located in Varvylon (J4)


11. Go back to Senecca

Rohan Ranger Job Change Quest V

12. Speak with Zhonat Rotus then go back to Senecca. Congratulations, you are now a Rohan ranger


Rohan Scout Job Change Quest


Rohan Scout Job Change Quest

This Rohan guide will tell you on how to change from Archer into a Scout. The Scout Job Change Quest  is divided into four parts and is quite difficult, chances are, you will need extra help from your guild mates and friends. But at the end of this Rohan Quest and you changed into a scout, it is definitely worth it.

Rohan Quest First Part: Find a Statue
Rohan Quest Second Part: Kill Berg
Rohan Quest Third Part: Locate Felix Box
Rohan Quest Fourth Part: Kill Morvols

Rohan Scout Job Change Quest Requirements

  • Level 50 Archer (Half Elf)
  • Solo Rohan Quest (you should not be in a party)

Rohan Scout Job Change Quest

1. The Scout Job Change Quest starts at Kai’non. Talk to Senecca. She will ask you to go find a statue


2.  The Crumbling Statue can be found at the center of Gray Down Tower(Elf Map). Outside the tower are Ekzine monsters, just make your way passed through them. Click on the statue.


3. You have finished Quest1 in the Scout Job Change Quest. Go back to Senneca in Kainon to receive the second part of the Rohan quest. You will get a level 1 dagger. Use this dagger to kill a BERG monster, one will do. Once you have changed your job as a Rohan scout, you will be mastering the melee attack skills using a dagger.

4. You can find the Berg at the Akhma Cave. Also, Berg is the mini-boss in the Human Village coordinates (E-2) or (Pine Plateau at coordinates F-8 F-9), you need to kill it with the dagger given to you.



5. After your successfully kill Berg, return to Senecca. You have accomplished the second part of the Scout job Change Quest. On the third part,  Senecca will give you a key to open the Felix box

6.  The Felix box can be found inside Black Dragon Sanctuary (Geizan Map). This is the most difficult part because there are lots of monsters inside the sanctuary and this is not exactly your Rohan race territory. I suggest that you party up with a friend and just leave the party when you are about to open the box. Go inside the sanctuary and head straight then take two right path whenever you see a split path. After the two split paths, head forward and you will a room with flame spites and monsters.


7. You need to open the Felix box to accomplish the third part of Scout Job Change Quest


8. Return to Senecca to receive the fourth part of the Rohan quest.

9. You need to get 15 items by killing 15 Morvol monsters(Teleport to Pine Plateau Bindstone, go west to Shrouded Mansion then continue going to west from there until you find Morvols)


10. After you kill 15 of the monsters, go back to Kai’non. You are almost finished in the Rohan Scout Job Change Questrohan_morvols.jpg

12. Talk to Zhonat Rotus for your last quest to become a Rohan Scout. You just need to speak with Senecca.

11. Talk to Senecca to become a Rohan Scout. Congratulations!

Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest Guide


Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest Guide

The Avenger Job Change Quest requires you to be at least level 50. This is not a Rohan party quest, but your friends can help you with this Rohan Quest.

Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest Guide I

1. Start the Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest by talking to Damats Heartwell.


2. You must kill 1 Fire Drake and 10 Flame Spite. Use an Enraged Netherworld Bindstone then proceed to C5


3. Return to Damats Heartwell after you slay the monsters. Avenger Job Change Quest 1 is complete

Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest Guide II

4. Heartwell will give you the second part of the Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest. Use the Arctic Sea bindstone and walk your way to End of Struggle (IJ2). You need to talk with the Orb of the Past first, then Orb of History and lastly, Statue of Exiled King. The exiled king will give you a dagger.


5.  Return to Damats Heartwell.

Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest Guide III

6. Use the Pine Plateau bindstone then go to J8 of Varvylon map and you need to kill the Betrayed Follower of Paladin and then the Betrayed Paladin.


7. Go back and talk to the Exiled King in the End of Struggle

8. Talk to Damats Heartwell at Dhan town

Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest Guide IV

9.  Talk to the Incomplete statue at F9 of Liom map. The nearest bindstone would be the Limestone Foothill Bindstone, the head north. Do not attempt to kill the Immortal Guards, you’ll just waste your time.


10.  Go back to Damats Heartwell

Rohan Avenger Job Change Quest Guide V

11.You need to obtain Pouch of Fragments from the Captain of Einhoren’s Guards - Lasa Berzen Guard Captain. She is in D3 of Del Lagos (Human ) map. Use the Einhoren bindstone.


12. After you killed her, go back to Damats Heartwell to officially become a Rohan Avenger.

Rohan Warlock Job Change Quest Guide


Rohan Warlock Job Change Quest

The Warlock Job Change Quest requires a lot of slaying monsters in order to complete. Also, the story is great and you will meet the Grand counselor Lazesus, the DarkElf that preceded Pascal. You need to be a level 50 Mage as a requirement in the Rohan Warlock Job change quest.

Five parts of Rohan Warlock Job Change Quest

  1. Disenchantment of a Warlock
  2. Magicians Scale
  3. Grand Counselor Lazesus
  4. The Foe Devtorre
  5. Entrusted Future

Rohan Mage to Warlock Job Change Quest

Warlock Job Change Quest I - Disenchantment of a Warlock
1. The Rohan Warlock job change quest starts in Montt. Talk to Pascal Vistierre. He will ask you to go to the Temple of Flox.


2. Speak with Andelique, Prophet of Flox at the Temple of Flox



3. Head south and go to the Eduardo Concert Hall, go to the back area and you will find a Lump of Moonstone. Click on  the stone and a mini Boss GNOME Moonstone will appear. Kill the monster in order to get Eye of Moonstone and become a Rohan Warlock eventually.


4. Return to Andelique in the Temple of Flox . Rohan Warlock Job Change Quest I is complete.

 Warlock Job Change Quest II - Magician’s Scale

5. Go to Montt for the second part of Warlock Job Change Quest. Click on the Magician’s Scale beside Pascal. Your task is to kill 50 Paragon Guardsman (Limestone Bindstone).


6. Continue the Warlock Quest by killing 50 Paragon Guardsman in Limestone Foothill.


7. Go back to the Magician’s Scale after you slay 50 paragon monsters. Your next task is to kill50 Serpenter Caliph.

8. The Serpenter Caliph are located in Serpenter Swamp.


9. Go back to Montt after killing the monsters and talk to Pascal. Rohan Warlock Job Change Quest 2 complete

Warlock Job Change Quest III - Grand counselor Lazesus.

10.  Go to Varrow Forest (above Geizan, village of Half Elves) and speak with Lazesus. Apparently, he can’t speak because he had lost his tongue. Instead he will write something on the ground using a stick. One of his disciples severed his tongue and fingers and fled with all his research notes. He was able to retrieve his fingers but not his tongue which has been sliced of to three pieces. You need to locate and bring back pieces of his tongue.


11. The first tongue piece  can be found at the Temple of Flox, next to the Andelique (pile of Rotting Flesh)


12. The second piece of the tongue can be found at the Altar of Roha, behind the huge statue ( Reeking pile of Flesh - Varvylon map, coordinates J-9)


13. The third tongue piece is in Temple of Silva (Molding pile of Flesh - Geizan map, coordinates G-6). This is the hardest to obtain because of the monsters in its sorroundings. So be careful, get buffs such as almighty and barriers, then just run straight on it, and click it right away in order to get it.


14. After getting the three pieces, go back to Lazesus. Quest 3 of Warlock Job Change Quest complete. Your next task is to retrieve The Secret Text of Lazesus. The one who has the Secret Text is currently roaming the southern region of Myrtle Woods Bindstone in Liom (C-7) these days, it is the head of Devtorre.

Warlock Job Change Quest IV - The foe Devtorre

15. Go to the Limestone map, and kill 2 miniboss (disciple of Devtorre & Head of Devtorre disciple). They are behind the spot of Venom Alchemist or the right spot ofDrake.


16. After you retrieve 2 books, bring in back to Lazesus.

Warlock Job Change Quest V - Entrusted Future

17. Back to Montt, speak with King George Lyonan.  You need to kill Edmond Fietra.


18. Go the the map of Dwarfhill (above the village of Dark elves), coordinates H-5. You have to kill this monster


19. After killing it, go back to King George and he will change you into a Rohan Warlock.

Here’s a guide to Rohan change job quest for Dark Elf to Wizard. This guide is created by nightime.

Quest Level 50 – Job Change [Wizard] by nightime

First Quest: The disenchantment of a mage
you can find those Whispering Flame Bush at Eibach, between D and E 4. in the corner of hill that shape like an X.

Second Quest: The Queen’s Book
Search the treasure chests in Membrano Royal villa (there are 3) and u should find the book

Third Quest: In the realm of fear
Kill Kruggerands in entangle ruin around I3 and I4 untill u get the gold coin

Fourth Quest: Flame of Flox
go to Dharvegawan region, and u can find those boxes around G5 and H5 near the volcano

Fifth Quest: The sense of Serverance
monsters are at Eibach between I4 and I5 (go all the way east)

Finally your Dekan character reached level 50. You can finally choose a second job.

Credit goes to Exalt for making this guide.

After searching long and hard through the gamesite forums and not finding an entire guide to this quest, I took notes as I progressed my way through. Hope it is helpful. You can solo everything except perhaps step 14.

  1. Starting point – Haem in Rev Deca castle
  2. Speak to Talia – Bindstone Downstream of Shamar River in Armenes/Rev Deca map (location: D8)
  3. Go to Black Dragon Sanctuary to read text at the Statue of Wailing Dragon (location in Geizan C9)
  4. Go see Keeper of Dragon Eyes – (Guliermo is located at the Dragon Eyes Bindstone in Via Marea F2)
  5. Return to Rev Deca – see Haem
  6. Find the youngest child in Rev Deca – (Perisada is located just outside the Rev Deca castle)
  7. Go to Crystal Quarry – Kill the Phoenix Croief (located by the portal leading to the second lvl of Crystal Quarry)
  8. Return to Rev Deca – see Haem
  9. Talk to Rivyn’s Conscience – (location: Del Lagos – north central F/G 2 area)
  10. Find Sign of Sepa Rosa - (location: Aevraum – C9 at top of the tower)
  11. Go to Altar of Late King – Ferdinant’s Mausoleum (located in Armenes/Rev Deca Map G8)
  12. Return to Rev Deca – see Haem
  13. Go to Armenes Altar - speak with Atiya – (location: Armenes/Rev Deca Map G5)
  14. This is the toughest part of the job change. Few things to keep in mind: if you travel in a party to safely reach the last room, you must withdraw from the party before you open the pot! You must do these in this order:

    Go to Black Dragon Sanctuary (Geizan C9)- go to the last room west when you see the Shard of Baron Victor Vlen (a mean boss) – you will pass through a long hallway with serpent pillagers, then will see serpent outlaws standing outside the doors to room where the Baron is (when you see these you are very close). Enter room where Baron is, go left and stay next to the wall to avoid his wrath. Go down a small ramp/hallway where you will see a large pot in the room, (leave party at this point) and double click the pot. The horseman will appear and he’s no problem 1 on 1. Help may be needed to keep all the mobs off of you. Also, in this room of the BDS, a mini boss spawns (the white wolf Violence Mahopatew or something like that). If the boss is there, quickly open the pot then everyone attack the boss, if you die you can return and the horseman will be standing there and can be pulled into the hallway with a range attack thus avoiding the mobs and the boss. You should obtain a Spillproof Basin on killing horseman once.

    Go to Caronia’s Tomb (Varvylan J6) – map of Caronia’s Tomb is same as BDS so go to the same room as below. If in a party, withdraw before opening the pot. Kill horseman and obtain the Dryproof Basin.

    You can now solo the rest.

  15. Return to Armenes Altar – speak with Atiya (Armenes/Rev Deca G5)
  16. Obtain Scale of Armenes – Look for the Sluggish Wave (location: Armenes/Rev Deca north shore of F2) There you will see 4 mobs but no worries, they are all lvl 1.
  17. Return to Armenes Altar – Atiya will send you to Haem where you will be officially changed. Congrats to our newest Dragon Sage!

ROHAN ONLINE: lvl 50 quest guide: Dekan [Dragon Fighter]

Quest Level 50 - Inauguration of Dragon Knight [Dragon Knight] [solo] (Job Change)

1. Start by going to the NPC Surbhar in Rev’Deca. He will ask you to seek out another NPC, Talia.
2. Talia is located at the Downstream of Shamar River bindstone.

3. She will ask you to find a Statue of a Wailing Dragon, which is located at the entrance of the Black Dragon Sanctuary.

4. After this, you need to speak with an NPC named Guliermo, located at the Dragon Eyes bindstone.

5. Head back to Surbhar for the next part of the quest. He will ask you to deliver “the Remnants to the Altar of the Late King”, which is located at Ferdinant’s Mausoleum.

6. After this, you will need to speak with Camila, an NPC located at the Caronia’s Tomb bindstone.

7. Camila will give you a quest where you need to get 3 items, one after the other.

1x Sealed Red Blade - Dropped by Fire Drakes
1x Sealed Black Blade - Dropped by Black Drakes
1x Sealed Silver Blade - Dropped by Glacial Drakes

Note: These are also rare drops, so don’t expect them to fall after a single kill.

There is one Fire Drake which spawns in Flame’s Cove. Its level 55 and surrounded by level 50 Flame Sprites but those shouldn’t be a problem.
Just kill the Fire Drake until you get the Sealed Red Blade.

There are a whole bunch of Black Drakes which spawn in Myrtle Woods at D8. There are some tough monsters on the way there which are level 55+, but your mount should be able to run past them all. There is one Black Drake near the main road that spawns apart from the others, so there should be no problem dealing with it 1-on-1. Kill that sucker until he drops the Sealed Black Blade.

Glacial Drakes.
Caronia’s Tomb is much easier than BDS when you get to the drakes. They spawn in smaller groups and are much more spread out. You should only need to fight 2, maybe 3 at a time max, which is much more feasible than 6.

It just so happens the first group of Glacial Drakes you encounter in Caronia’s Tomb is a group of 2 and they are both seperated from other mobs at a corner of a hallway, just waiting for you to kill.

So go ahead and kill them until you get your Sealed Silver Blade.

If you’ve made it here, then you’re done with the hard stuff. The rest is pretty smooth sailing.

8. Upon returning to Surbhar, he will tell you to speak with Bahadur, who is located in the palace of Rev’Deca.

9. Kill the boss, Adharmha.

Bahadur will ask you to obtain a Karbara’s Contract, which you get from killing a boss called Adharmha located in the Forest of Enlightenment at F4. She is a piece of cake, but does have the ability to stun you, so be careful anyways.

10. Report back to Bahadur and he will tell you to see Surbhar again. 
Upon reaching level 50 , You will receive two job change quest.

Reminders : Dont party with other people while questing.
Proceed to Istvan Baileys at Einhoren.

He will ask you to get a quest item named Journal , Found at Ahkma Cave (Specters Room , Near Shamanistic Specters) It's appearance is a Aged Wooden Box.

After submitting the journal to Istvan , He will ask you to speak with Humphrey ( The guy who gives the Drexter Money Quest ) Also found at Einhoren.

Humphrey will ask you to go to the Mossy Statue at Dharvegawan , D9 Below the map.

You can get at Dharvegawan by using a Limestone Foothill Portal Stone then walk or ride with your mount and proceed to the Mossy Statue.

Be careful with those 50+ Paragon With Doctors.

After speaking with the Mossy Statue , Proceed back to Humphrey.

Humphrey will ask you to speak again with Istvan Baileys.

And this is the last part of the quest , Istvan Baileys will ask you to slay Nheias and four of its minions , the Mandrakes.

Nheias can be spotted at Liom , again teleport using the Limestone Foothill Portal Stone then proceed walking/riding to Nheias.

Follow the track of the road and when you get at I-8 ( map coords ) You could see a Wooden Towerlike Structure at your left side.

Turn left and trace this road.

You could see a Wooden Gate , Thats where Nheias is.

Kill first Nheias ( Her damage sucks but she got higher HP ) Dont worry about Mandrakes , coz they suck too.

After killing Nheias , kill 4pcs of Mandrakes. Mandrakes dont stop respawning , After killing 4pcs just Run and Use Town Portal Stone , Go Back to Einhoren.

Proceed to Istvan Baileys.




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